Friday, September 26, 2003

At least, it works in theory...

Try this one on and see if it fits: I am over Rosa.

Yep. That's the theory I'm throwing out there today. I am over Rosa.

I'll say it loud. I'll say it proud. I AM OVER ROSA.

... so, why would I say such a thing? See if you can follow this. I'm miserable. Right? I think we can all agree with this. I've been miserable for years now. I've been miserable for so long, I've forgotten how it feels not to be miserable. Since I've forgotten how it feels not to be miserable, there's every chance that I might not be miserable and just not know it.

Dig it. I could actually be absolutely fine and have no knowledge that I am actually absolutely fine. If I'm fine, that would mean that I am no longer miserable over Rosa. If I'm no longer miserable over Rosa, then I'm over Rosa.

Following me so far?

Now, the fun part. Since I can't tell what a lack of misery feels like, I think it best to think positively and conclude that I must lack in misery. Lacking in misery, I don't feel miserable. Not feeling miserable, I feel fine. Feeling fine, I am no longer miserable over Rosa. No longer being miserable over Rosa, I am over Rosa!

Make sense?

... Can you explain it to me?

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