Friday, September 12, 2003

Decision: Auditioning now would be crazy...

As you can see, I've come to my decision on the auditioning question. You're probably wondering why I've decided against. Well, here's a short list of things I need to take care of that I won't if I get cast:

1) Clean my apartment. Living alone, my apartment falls into a shambles during a play. If I get in another, it'll be three months before I can clean it. Folks, it needs cleaning.

2) Bodily Injury claim. After my car accident and subsequent whiplash, I never resolved the claim with State Farm. We're talking money here, people. Money that's just sitting around, waiting for me to claim it. I should.

3) This They Call Freedom. 1984 meets Monty Python - folks, it needs finishing.

4) Comics. I need to get this mountain of comics sold off and open up some room in my apartment. I won't do that if I'm in a show.

5) Thanksgiving. I haven't seen Tim and Autumn in a year. It's time to take that trip up and see them.

6) Stress. Let's face it, folks. My stress level is high already. I should de-stress.

7) Lastly and not leastly - Rosa. She's going to be delivering soon. When that day comes (and I'm sure I'll hear from Sean when it does), who is to say what I'm going to do? Even I don't know. One way or another, I doubt I'll be in any position to be responsibly.

So, folks, there you go. I've already had quite a busy year. I play written, half of another play written, three staged readings and one play acted in, and one staged reading directed... I think it's time Ken worked on Ken.

... yeah... let's see how that works...

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