Friday, September 05, 2003

Brown Thumb? Check!

And now, an update on the gardenia front.

As you might know, I recently bought a gardenia bush. It was so cute, with its shiny, healthy leaves and blooming buds...

Okay, now, I was really busy this week. I went three days - THREE DAYS - without watering it! You'd think it could get along for three days - BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I went out to my patio last night and the damn thing was all shriveled up! If it was a snail, I'd swear someone poured salt on it. A lot of salt!

Now, I have to try to nurse that back to health. Crap!

Well, our one and only review of "Play it Again" is in. I say "one and only" because the review is of a local rag and the big papers never go to this theater. It's just too out of the way, small... insignificant!

I'm guessing the review was deaf... blind... dumb... comatose... brain-dead...

Or, perhaps, the reviewer was Steve, our director.

The reviewer raved about our Bogart, never once saying something along the lines of, "Funny. I don't recall Bogart being British...) I couldn't believe it.

Oh well. Strike another one up to Ken being just too demanding - or see the show for yourself and find out just how right I am!

Here comes the weekend! Talk to you soon...

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