Monday, December 15, 2003

Have yourself a merry little...

Christmas is coming. It's a time of year that causes me a great deal of pain and tonight it kicked in with both feet. Rosa and I had our little traditions we shared every year and now I can't even look at the holiday without crying. With as much progress as I've made, it's still going to be a painful Christmas.

Dwight called me tonight to tell me that he had the day off, and he got laid, he may get together with his ex-girlfriend, and he got laid, that it wasn't raining, and he got laid, and that he had a weird day... and he got laid. I try to be a good brother - I honestly do... but if he'd been here, I would'a hit him.

Later, I missed Rosa so badly. I thought, "Maybe a quick call."

Instead of calling here, I phoned for help. I called Keith - got his voicemail. Sean - voicemail. Tim - voicemail.

So, I called Rosa.

... I got her voicemail.

Good thing the universe has a sense of humor, huh?

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