Tuesday, December 30, 2003

You can breathe now - it's safe to eat beef again!

Or is it?

According to Yahoo, and Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman, a heap of new regulations are being put in place to make the food we eat (the beef we eat) safe once again!

Here's what they're not telling you. The USDA employes only a handful of meat inspectors to safegaurd the US food supply. There are actually more inspectors for food that is exported than for the food we eat in the states. The vast majority of food is left to the meat packers to inspect on their own - we trust them! The USDA tells Inspectors to give deference to meat companies, stopping production lines Only in certain, rare, circumstances.

The sad truth is that Ms. Veneman's acts are not going to make beef safe to eat because, for at least a generation, it never was safe to eat.

A little knowledge can go a long way, folks. Watch out.

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