Thursday, December 18, 2003

Hi, I'm single - FOREVER...

... at least, that's how it seems.

We're entering the fourth year without Rosa. The fourth year technically starts on March 24th, when I asked Rosa for a divorce, but officially begins towards the beginning of the year, when Rosa started telling me to find someone else. (I'll assume you all know the backstory.) So, anyway, four years.

A few weeks ago, I had a run-in with a girl that ended pretty badly. I was left with the thought that I knew what I wanted in a woman and it wasn't much. I wasn't asking for much and this made me feel a little...

But then, I considered the other side. Sure, I wasn't asking for too much from a woman - but what was I asking her NOT to have? What attributes was I avoiding?

Overweight. Unethical. Republican. Greedy. Rude. Dirty. Unambitious. Lazy. Boring. Compassionless. Fast food frequenter. Born again Christian. SUV owner. Animal hater. Diseased. Trendily pierced. Country music lover. Not a reader. Unconcerned. Impolite. (And this was just the start of the list. Oh sure, I'd take some of these traits to a very limited degree - she doesn't have to have the perfect body and she could have voted Republican once... ONCE!)

The problem was that I soon realized how discriminating I was being. I mean, at this rate, I'd only meet a woman on the third Thursday of a month without oysters while the moon lies full in the Hudson Bay... not likely. While I could start eliminating items from that list... did I want to? How desperate was I to be in a relationship? What was I willing to ignore to get laid?

I'll try not to worry about it... after all, today's Thursday.

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