Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Home of the Brave?...

Now that we're all getting ready to suspend our right to vote in case, god forbid, the "terrorists" "attack" "us", I thought it a good time to reassess this whole idea that America is the "home of the brave". "Land of the free" has been out with the baby's bathwater a long time ago.

After 9/11, we didn't stand up to Shrub - who, let's remember, had the most to gain from it to begin with - and instead gave all of our budget surplus to the wealthy who'd helped install him into the Presidency. We allowed them to take away our rights after they threatened to attack us again. We gave them more money and our brothers, sons, and friends to send off to a patently unjust war (if such a thing even exists).

Now, please don't hurt us. We'll even surrender our meager right to vote - just don't threaten us!!!!

Home of the brave? Home of the Whopper, at best!

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