Thursday, July 08, 2004

It's enough to make one sick...

I don't know how it happened...

It might have happened at the gym. I've run into sick people at the gym before. Last night, while I was on the bike, an incredibly stinky guy got on the bike next to mine. I could barely breath! In less than a minute, I jumped off my bike and went away.

It might have happened before I headed over to Vicky's. I got to her place around 7pm, and so looked forward to seeing her that I missed her freeway exit completely. There it went as I sped down the 22... time to turn around...

Of course, if it did happen before then, the temperature didn't help any. Vicky likes things nice and cold in her apartment and I'd come with shorts and a t-shirt... freezing. And the fighting began almost as soon as I got there. Somehow, our idyllic world was being royally reamed by reality - or whatever you choose to call it. It seemed that I couldn't say anything without insulting her. Then, when I asked her if she wanted to talk about anything she said that everything was fine. Things weren't fine and she got rid of me by 9pm... highly unusual for us - and leaving things extremely arctic.

It probably didn't help that Neurotic Ken had reared his ugly head. Vicky's not used to neurotic people and I don't know how people can survive without a little neurosis - which left us at an extreme impasse. That said, I get sick of me when I'm neurotic; I can just imagine how much she must have been wishing I'd leave! (... speaking of neurotic...)

It might have happened as the result of depression. I could barely get out of my car when I got home. I laid down on my sofa, quickly covered in cats, and felt on the verge of tears.

And this morning... I was sick. Just freaking great! So, today I OD'ed on vitamins. I'm going to chow down zinc lozenges and down OJ and water and hope for the best.

I'll hope the best for Vicky and I as well. I know you will, too.

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