Monday, July 12, 2004

A test to take before election day...

Here's a little test for you to send out to all of your friends before election day. If you still think they'll be voting for Shrub, perhaps they're a bit misinformed (cough *stupid* cough). Thanks to's journal:

isn't there a basic test that can be administered to people before they vote to
figure out if they're actually aware of the issues?
1-george bush created the largest deficit in the history of the united states,
true or false?
2-there were weapons of mass destruction in iraq, true or false?
3-there was an al qaeda presence in iraq, true or false?
4-iraq was involved in 9-11, true or false?
5-george bush has taken more vacation time as president than any other president
in the last 100 years, true or false?

1-t, 2-f, 3-f, 4-f, 5-t.

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