Friday, July 16, 2004

Mistakes mistooken...

It's come to my attention that I may recently have made some mistakes. Yes, I make mistakes. I can even admit when I do. (Though it wasn't my fault.)

Vicky's been reading through the old My Sides. This has prompted me to review the old My Sides and remove all references to: crack, threesomes, hookers, B&D, that porn I starred in, mass murders, and things I do to people named Vicky...

I've also caught a lot of typos. Listen folks, I type these really fast. I'm at work. I'm looking busy!!! So, I don't always catch the typos. So, let me apologize for any typose you fidn on thes Blurg. I aslhr snadf7u e eops89dfn.

Next up, I need to correct a statement I made in the last My Side. I said that I hadn't been to Walt's Wharf with anyone but my mom. Not entirely true. You see, I haven't brought anyone but my mom there since 2002. It was then that I took my mom there for Mother's Day. She liked it... but couldn't imagine me spending that much on iced tea! So, the next year, we went to Ruby's at her behest. (Ruby's... burger joint... mascot is a waitress looking to get some action in the walk-in.)

Before I'd taken my mom, I went with DeAnna. It was our first date - the first date that ended my friendship with Essex who had given me her phone number when I'd asked if he minded if I went out with her but he certainly didn't expect me to go out with her! - on January 1, 2001. She insisted on ordering the wine and tasting it and complaining about it all through dinner, while I paid. (God, am I stupid!) Sure, I should have seen that as I sign of things to come. Instead, I figured I needed more torture and a reason to write "Atheists" a year and a half later.
Before that, I'd gone with Rosa. (Duh!) I don't remember much about our dinner there except that a waitress gave me her card while Rosa was in the bathroom. (Yes, the waitress had a card; I shit you not.) She'd scribbled her home phone number on it. I didn't tell Rosa about it and tossed it in the first trashcan on the street. What a dope. What was the waitress trying to tell me? Probably something like, "Leave her and date me before she really screws you over." By throwing away her card, I was saying, "No, I think I need a good screwing over. Now, if you're name was Vicky and it was 2004, we'd talk."

So, there you go. I can't type and Walt's Wharf is where I take all my bitches... g'night everybody!

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