Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Amnesty Internation says "Human Dignity Denied" by USA

At just about the lowest point in Shrub's administration, Amnesty International (you should have your soul revoked if you've never heard of them) released a scathing rebuke of the United State's conduct in the "War on Terror". So now Shrub has even put us on the bad side of Amnesty International.

Here's the report.

You should read it!

It concludes, "By learning the lessons of history we make it less likely that we will repeat our mistakes. To authorize, commit or turn a blind eye to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment is always a mistake."


Fred Mertz said...

I do agree it is wrong and nothing will ever make it right! My problem (this time) is with Amnesty International. Are they trying to stop the beheadings? Are they crying out about the random bombings? Or is it just America?. Once again, this does not support our treatment of prisoners, detainees or enemy combatants. I do believe that we should be held to a higher standard!

Ken said...

Just like Hebrew National!

... what do you mean, I'm missing the point????

Fred Mertz said...

I'm just saying they have said nothing about the acts being commited to us. I know they look at governments, but things are changing world wide. We are not the only ones suffering at the hands of terrorists. Yet when steps are taken (not including torture) to protect a country, people start crying out against them. But, no group helps to come forward with a solution that can really help, they just point fingers and say "bad country, no biscute!" Off on another point related to this. As much as America does not get the rest of the world, they don't get us either. And that is the root of the problem.

Still I agree turture is wrong, nothing will ever make it right. But, if all your organization can do is point fingers then sit down, and let the grown ups talk. (Not aimed at you Ken, but at Amnesty International.)