Tuesday, October 05, 2004

To X-Box or not to X-Box… yes, that is the question…

In the midst of all the craziness (you know, new apartment, new fiancée, new pets, new play, new things to worry about), I forgot something very important.

Pivotal, really.

My Birthday is coming on October 16!

Heck, that's only 11 days away!

What are you going to get me?

For some reason, which would be explained if understood, I want to get a video game system. No, I don't know why. It's totally frivolous. It'll go out of fashion (be obsolete!) in just a few years. I don't get it, but I want one.

I'm thinking I want an X-Box… but then Vicky likes the PS2… too.

Which do you think I should get? (Yep, that's what the comments are for!)

Seeing as how we have three TVs, I'm trying to talk Vicky into letting me hook a system into each room. One X-Box, her old PS1, and my old Dreamcast. I think it'd be bitchin'… but then, I'm a geek. What do you think? (Come on! Talk her into it!)

Then, there's the third option… get both an X-Box and a PS2. Why the PS2? Because it's backwards compatible with her PS1 games. She could keep those games and add to her library… and I'd be doing it for HER!!!

Feedback, people! I need feedback!


Fred Mertz said...

Well I really like the PS2 system because when they up grade they go to the system that they use to help build the game so it should remail backward compatable. But I am not sure if "PS3" would run PS games. And I think the X-Box controllers suck! No really suck, big ol' chunky things feels like your your wrist will break if you lift it any higher. And what the hell is up with the black and white buttons? Goofy as* *hi#!

Vicky said...

Thank you "Andy". My vote remains for the PS2, but whatever Ken wants...it is his birthday afterall.

Fred Mertz said...

When did I become "Andy"? Ken should really put a tag board on his blog. :)

Ken said...

Sadly, Blogger doesn't offer tag boards. (Yet, as far as I know.)

This is sounding very much like I need to buy both - need to buy both - need to buy both - - -

Vicky said...

Ken, suggest you don't buy either at this time...