Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Triple X-Box

As you know, I'm now a proud X-Box owner...

... okay, maybe not proud. I mean, after all, it's a decadence, an extravigance, a waste... but it's my waste!

... No. Wait. Not my waste.

... let me start again...

As you know, I'm now an X-box owner...

... okay, maybe not even an owner. It owns ME! It owns VICKY! It won't let us go. It has us in video game tentacles like some bad hentai porn and it...

... let me start again..

As you know, I got an X-Box for my birthday.

I love it.

It gives me a serious video game hard-on. It slakes my nerd libido.

It's fuckin' cool!

And in a few short days, we have quite a few games! (And I only paid full price on two of them, dog!)

Burnout 3! Oh, this game so owns Vicky, which is fine because she owns me. She kicks my butt! I'm really glad I found a game she likes. Once I start playing it, maybe I will too... (just kidding Vic!)

Tony Hawk Underground 2 (THUG 2)! This is hard. It's really hard. It's quite hard.

... pretty, though.

AMPED 2! Snowboarding excellence! Oh, Vic got hooked on this one, too, believe me! Awesome!

Soulcalibur 2! I wanted the original on the Dreamcast - but now I have the sequel - with SPAWN! Oh, thumb-mashing heaven!

Dead or Alive 3! Okay, so this games all about the boobs (Those of you who've played any DoA know. For those who haven't, no, I'm not kidding.) but it's also a kick-ass game! You can knock people off one level (inside a building, say) into another (out into the street, for instance)! And it's beautiful and it MOVES!

I forgot those fighting games kill your thumbs... oh well...

So... does anyone have any other recommendations for me?

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