Thursday, October 28, 2004

Other things in my life…

Went looking for a home last night… wasn't hard, they're all over the place.

It seems we may actually be nearing the end of the search. We saw one last night that I really liked. It was big enough. It was nice enough. It was new enough. Problem was, it was located on the fourth circle of Hell and didn't have central air. So… But we're getting closer.

I have a new loan person who's nice. She doesn't want my first born, though… so that's a drag. Another weird thing about her is her loans. The other people had fixed and adjustable. This girl has loans with names like "The Yo-Yo Account" and the "Silly Putty Loan"… I just don't know.
My mom has been diagnosed with Epstein-Barr Syndrome, named after the Sweathog and Roseanne. I feel really bad for her. She feels bad because she's worked so hard to be healthy, unlike certain writers we know. At the same time, though, I feel like telling her, "You're old. You're old. Get it?!"

Meanwhile, my dad's going senile. I expect him to address me at my wedding as "Madeline"!

I've tried to tell Vicky all about mi familia… but give up. She just doesn't get it. It's very simply, really. My family is full of fucking psychotic morons. Rosa understood this, but she had time to… Vicky's new to the picture. With time, though, she'll understand that she's better off not knowing.

There's been no work on the play. Nothing. Nada. Spit.

I have, however, finished all of the preliminary recording for Ken 3.8: Return of Gorgo. (No, but wouldn't it be cool if it was called that?!) I've edited down two tracks for time (the second going from 35 minutes to 30 - that's a lot of editing!) and need to start putting in music and fx… it'll be a fun weekend.

Suki threw up recently - oh, come on! You know you want to hear this! She threw up more than a pint of orange… well… it smelled like a cross between peanut butter and shit… peanut shit. Times like that, I know whose dog it is. I got the paper towels and let Vicky get on in there to clean it up! Love might not know any bounds but it sure can see the warning signs when it approaches!

Meanwhile, the cats are slowly - ever so slowly - learning (forced) to get along. And Alacrity is joining Harley more and more outside. Good for him! Less litter to clean! The goal is to get all four out… and into a stew pot/wheat thresher/whatever works…

Vicky and I went out to dinner last night and watched the second half of the (as it turned out) final game of the world series. Who would'a thought Boston would win? Mind you, they really shouldn't have. Now, they're just another ball club. They might as well be the Angels… sad as that may be.

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