Thursday, October 21, 2004

Personal messages to (IM)personal people…

Okay, before you start trying to figure out what the subject line means, let me just say that I have more IM relationships these days than the regular kind, it seems. It seems to me that an "IM" (or Instant Message) relationship is one where you spend more time emailing, calling, or IM'ing than anything else… and this My Side is dedicated to them.

Actually, this My Side is a jumble and jamble of different things because I've been sick and I haven't written in a while. ("He never writes. He never calls.") So…

* Went away to Portland this past weekend. Vicky and I had a great time… except that we were both sick! We didn't start out that way. She got on the plane, Friday night, feeling relatively okay and arrived in Oregon sick. I woke up Sunday morning: sick. But we had fun and Tim and Autumn were great hosts (and hostesses)(and Twinkies)… I returned weighing 10 pounds more - Tim, you bastard!

* I got some nice birthday cards while I was gone. Stephanie sent me a very nice e-card and I would have written her back to thank her but her email account is not accepting my emails. Steph, I'm not the only one with this problem. Bob Purcell says he can't email you, either. I've heard tell that you read around here on occasion. If you catch this, Thanks for the card… now fix your email!

* So, Vicky and I have spent the past few days being sick. She's got her cough and I've got my fever - she'd be on one side of the bed hacking and I'd be on the other side fizzing away. Hacking and fizzing. Hacking and fizzing. Oh, it was romantic. All I can say is our trip in November better be better - we'd better be better!

* I got more X-Box games! I got Blinx (for Vicky!), an impossibly hard platformer that looks real purty… Simpsons: Road Rage (thanks Tim & Autumn!), which I've already been playing to death… and Jet Set Radio Future, a holdover from the Dreamcast that I've actually been playing a lot of - it's really fun! Yeah, I'm a big kid.

* Who the hell ordered this rain? Cut it out! (Folks, we don't need rain. We need snow - and lots of it!)

* Whatever happened to Lori? She was one of my devout readers and now I never hear from her? Lori! Come back!

* I had this awful dream. I dreamed I went back to when I was 10 or 11, knowing everything I know now. But things were so damned boring - no Internet, no good games, no transportation, no money - it was awful!

* Who else is reading these days? Speak the hell up! Raise the roof! Put some walls underneath it! Get some drywallers in! I need a house, dammit!

* I recently saw "Cannibal: The Musical"… great movie to get stoned to!... I'm just saying.

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