Friday, October 29, 2004

Sweet dreams are made of… puppies, oddly enough…

Last night, I had this dream: I was walking through my townhouse (yes, I had a townhouse), petting this animal and that - Othello, Alacrity, Suki - and went into the guest bedroom, which was soon to be a baby's room. (You could tell from the Looney Tune Baby's on the tops of the walls.) I knelt down, and there were two Shiba Inu (if I'm even spelling that right) puppies and a big faux-fur rug (or sheepskin - I dunno). So, I pet them and cuddled them. Then, Bandoo came in. The two puppies seemed to have adopted him… and he wasn't too keen on the idea.

That's when I woke up. You wake up from a dream about puppies and you feel like you've been petting puppies. You know that feeling. I figure I had that dream because I felt guilty about Suki. I'd been kicking Suki off the bed about every 30 minutes. Suki's become fond of me… particularly of my side of the bed… too fond!

That's when I realized Vicky wasn't in bed. I called out a little, "Vicky? Vicky?" No answer. So, I got up…

… and found her, sleeping on the sofa! My snoring had driven her there!

Now, I wear BreatheRight strips (thanks to Tim) but they don't seem to be helping. I'm almost ready to cut off my throat. (I figure that'll do it!)

I feel so guilty about snoring! I never snored with Rosa and, see, SHE DESERVED IT! (Mind you, she slept like a rock - a very large rock.) (Oooh, that was mean.) But Vicky doesn't deserve this!

… and before she get any ideas - NO! I'm not going to buy her a couple puppies to make it up to her!

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