Friday, October 22, 2004

Top Ten things Ken's supposed to do…

Let's keep things in perspective, folks.


No kidding.

Just look at all this shit!

1) Act.

2) Write.

3) Breathe. (In order of importance? Hell yes!)

4) Go to San Diego this weekend. And how am I going to do this when I'm still sick? For that matter, how is Vicky going to hit Lancaster (where she'll be while I'll be in SD) when she's still sick. Can you believe that? She's been sick for nearly two weeks now! Somebody help me strap her to the bed… hey, there's an idea…

5) Get a better job. Any help?

6) Go easier on myself. I mean, really. Is that so hard? Everybody else can do it. Why can't I? What the hell is wrong with me?! I'm suck a fuck-up!

7) Go to dinner with my mom and Joe this weekend. She's so funny. Vicky and I were going to take them out for their anniversary and they were going to take us out for my birthday. We decided to combine the two but she's a little short on cash. She's too proud to let me pay for us all but wants to keep it inexpensive. Ah, neurosis!

8) Find more time to play X-Box games. Priorities, you know?

9) Start on this year's disks. I got myself a new microphone and have started working on the text… but I'm not too happy with the story arc to Ken 3.8. It ends with Vicky and I together, with me happy… and I can't help but find my own happiness tremendously tedious. And I can't help but think that if my own happiness makes me seem ordinary, what will others think? … Yep, I'm all screwed up.

10) Start going to the gym. God, I hate this one. How could anyone in their right mind expect me to keep up my drinking and smoking and, at the same time, work out. So much responsibility!

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reporter66 said...

If you're sick, for God's sake STAY HOME! I don't want what you've got! They were out of flu shots at the clinic!