Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Happy Birthday, Dear Vicky…

Yes, you heard correctly. Today is my Vicky's birthday. Vicky turns 27 today but, for all her 24 years, she still looks 18.

We plan to enjoy a quiet evening together with dinner, a movie, and some champagne.

… in bed.

Yep. Strange as that may seem, that's the plan… which you probably don't find very strange because it has to do with me, right? Well, it's Vicky's doing, not mine. You see, back on Valentine's day, Vicky gave me these Romance Lotto Tickets. Sadly, they weren't the pornographic kind… dammit. So, I scratched off a ticket and got a movie date. Yippie! Took her about two months to honor that one. Next, I scratched one and got a movie with champagne in bed… ooookay….

So, we're mixing both together and coming up with tonight. Weird? Sure. But I figure she should start getting used to that pretty soon.

Now, before you start sending tons of presents, remember that Vicky likes money - truckloads of money - in large bills. Just send them to me and I'll see to it that they find her…

… for the most part…


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