Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Welcome to my world…

Vicky got a taste of what it's like to be in Ken's world last night.

We went to Crate & Barrel to register. There will be more places but C&B was going to be the first. They gave us a scanner to take around the store and scan the items we wanted. So, we walked around, picking out plates and glasses and whatnot. It was fun. Actually, I probably had more fun than Vicky; I think my peppiness (Peppiness? Abundance of pep?) gets on her nerves.

After a couple of hours, we were done. We had scanned 42 items.

We went to the Registration Station (the station for registration). The first thing we had to do was pull up our account on their computer. Vicky had already set one up so she inserted the scanner, as we'd been instructed to do, and put in our information… and it didn't come up. She tried again… and it didn't come up.

An employee came over to help us.


So, Vicky decided to just set up a new account.

The employee had another idea and asked her to go back to the first screen.

And she tried again.


And it was at this point that we noticed that the scanner now showed ZERO items scanned. ZERO.

All of our data had been erased!

Vicky was quite frustrated, as you might imagine.

I told her not to worry. We'd do it again at the larger C&B at South Coast Plaza this Saturday. We'd have fun. It would be nice.

But still… 42 items… two hours of work... gone!

But I'm used to things like that happening. She's not. But I love her. It's a minor inconvenience. Life is filled with them and, in my world at least, we had fun doing it.

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