Saturday, April 23, 2005

More Randomness…

What can I tell you? Sometimes a guy just wants to get stuff off his chest…

1) Last night, while at the gym, I noticed Fox News devoting nearly 45 minutes to that weirdo lady who claimed to find a finger in her chili. It shouldn’t come as any surprise, of course. What with wars of aggression, an economy that has been plundered, and a populace that is so far in denial it thinks Condi is black, what else are they going to report?

2) Ever notice that televangelists praying looks a lot like someone caught in the throes of a bowel movement?

3) So, I saw this televangelist on TV this morning (at the gym, of course)(it’s where I watch all my telee), and I suddenly felt so embarrassed for anyone “of faith”, at the media is so fond of calling it these days. Not only to believe that there’s a higher power, but to believe that there SHOULD BE? Not only to believe that you are some importance – that this higher power has any interest in you – but to believe you SHOULD BE? It’s not just the height of arrogance but the deepest delusion. How sad.

4) It seems so appropriate that the new pope was once a member of the Christian – oops, typo there – I meant Nazi – Youth. And his retort is so transparent, it’s funny. “Uh, they made me do it. That’s it!” Yeah, that’s the ticket.

5) Cheney admonished the Congress to stop doing it’s job and to fall into step with (burning) Bush. Considering all the times he’s told people to fuck off on national TV, can’t one of them return the favor?

6) This morning on Fox News – what can I say, I’m at the gym and it’s on – they were talking about how the COST OF FREEDOM is the abolition of the “Death Tax”, which is actually the Estate Tax. For anyone buying into their bullshit, please note that this will only have an affect on you if you make more than $1.5 million… do you? And what the fuck do you care, anyway? You’re fucking dead!

7) More Christian weirdness. I saw a bumper sticker that said, “Don’t worry. God is in Control”… and I thought about trying that at work. Next time something goes wrong. “Don’t worry. God is in control.” Why do you allow such nonsense when our employers surely would not?

8) The US Forest Service is going to start selling off our national forests… because we can’t afford them. The phrase you’re looking for is “cognitive dissonance” – it just doesn’t make any fucking sense!

9) How is it that, with video of the ice caps melting, people still insist there’s no global warming and feel just peachy about driving their SUVs?

- but, whoops, that one hits a little too close to home, so I should stop now…

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