Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Monster Errors…

Sometimes I think the worst thing about this online life we lead is the propensity for hidden mistakes.

For instance:

I've been loving life at Lintgear - I've been loving it so much I've been dying to get out. So, my resume went up onto Monster years ago in the search for a new job. Mind you, with little luck… actually, none!

I've gone into it every time I've moved to change my address and contact info.

Then, today, I got an email regarding a job I'd applied for through Monster, requesting a hard copy email. No problem, I thought, but I couldn't help wonder what my email looked like over Monster. It looked like a mess, of course.

I scrolled down, making sure everything was right and then got to the "References" section.
And the first name in the "References" section…… was Rosa. THERE'S SOMETHING I'VE FORGOTTEN TO UPDATE!

You can probably imagine now why I haven't been able to find a new job...

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