Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Home Stretch…

Why do they call it that? Does one stretch differently when they're at home? What's that have to do with coming to the end of something? Do you stretch your end at home?

It's all so confusing.

So, anyway, I hit 88,000 words in Vampire Society today. This was a book I wasn't too sure would hit 80K and here we are at the cusp of 90K! I'm very close to the end. This morning, I actually outlined the last few scenes, which is actually one long scene and all I outlined were points to hit. I have so much to fit in because, perhaps surprisingly, so many threads are coming together at this late date. Even after I thought I'd wrapped things up, it turns out that this book has been one long string of dominos.

I'm actually going to finish it. I'm shocked.

Tonight, I'm going to write a poem I've wanted to write for nearly 10 years. Actually, I should say that I'm going to "try" to write it. You never know. The poem is called "I Killed Jon Benet Ramsey" and is about how each of us is responsible for the other, like it or not. I first got the idea back when the poor girl was killed. Then, as this book has progressed, I realized it was the perfect poem for Abby (one of Vampire Society's protagonists) to write. And so, I will. And so, she will.

I'll probably post it tomorrow.

I really wasn't anticipating finishing this book until the summer but I guess it just had to come out. It's like giving birth… without all the blood… and the machine that goes "PING"!

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