Thursday, April 14, 2005

The world just gets weirder…

A few things I haven't had a chance to comment on that are just plain wrong:

1) John Bolton. "The United Nations doesn't exist." Mr. "Let's Tear Up the Treaties" at the State Department is going to be our ambassador to the UN???

2) Apparently, there are so many guys that want to do Britney, her being pregnant has to make the front page of every paper in the land.

3) Intolerance and ignorance is not just becoming more politically incorrect but, rather, some folks in Congress are raising issues when people try to push tolerance and education.

4) The emergency military spending bill that just passed at over 80 BILLION contained a baseball stadium for DC… which is important militarily because…

5) Starting today, cigarette lighters will be banned from all flights in the nation… but you can still pack your GUN!

6) The worst terrorist in the nation right now is white. His name is Eric. So don't feed me bullshit about threats from Iraqis or Iranians!

7) John Negroponte is a war criminal who ordered the murder, rape, and disappearance of many people in central America during the Reagan years and now he's being fed to us as the next "Intelligence Czar".

Okay, so that's more than a few. I was feeling generous.

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