Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Surprising Vicky…

As most of you probably know, I don't write about everything on this Blog. Some things remain just between me and, well, me…. At least until later, when I finally write about it. (This is important, as you'll see in the next My Side.)

This comes in handy because Vicky sometimes reads this site and would have found out far too soon if I'd written about the surprise party I was planning for her. Yep. We threw it this weekend at Trish and Clay's place. Trish and Clay are friends of Vicky's. Actually Trish, along with Paula and Billy, will be Vicky's chicks-of-honor at the wedding, and it was with these three that I planned the fun.

It had started over a month ago. I knew I couldn't plan it alone - face it, party planning is best left to women cause men suck at it… except when it's for a guy's party… But this was for a woman's party, so…

Originally, I was going to throw it at our new home but quickly saw that it would be too small and there'd be kids there and I didn't want kids there - it's hard enough to walk with cats under your feet! But Trish was kind enough to offer her place. Paula offered to make the cake and she makes wonderful gourmet cakes. And Billy offered to supply food. Sounded good to me!

But then, we had to figure out how to get Vicky to the party. How? We went through several plans. Then, Trish invited Vicky to a "girl's night out". Vicky picked the restaurant but it was in the wrong direction for Vicky to have to drive out to Trish's. Then, Trish changed the restaurant. Then, Vicky's grandmother went into the hospital and - let's face it, there were several times when this party looked like it was SUNK!

But Vicky showed up Saturday afternoon, nearly on schedule (the whole party was nearly on schedule - which is good enough!) and she was very surprised. The theme was Purple Princess, since Vicky loves purple and her nickname is Princess. (No need to send your condolences… I'm fully aware!) So, we had lots of purple things and princess things - for instance, the cake was a plush purple pillow with a tiara on it. We all had purple martinis. We ate on purple plates under purple balloons.

She had a great time and I was the best boyfriend in the world… which is good, because I won't be her boyfriend next year… and I certainly won't be planning any surprise parties… so, Vicky, don't expect one!

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Vicky said...

I was SURPRISED to say the very least!! They all have my thanks for throwing me such a fabulous birthday party. Ken is absolutely wonderful and I am so happy to have him in my life. I'm certainly one lucky purple princess!!! Love you baby, V

PS ~ Her name is Billie
PSS ~ Sorry baby but your "affair" with my "chicks-of-honor" is now officially over!