Friday, April 29, 2005

A whole world of Warcraft…

Recently, Vicky has noticed that all I seem to do is play World of Warcraft. She might be right, of course, but it would inevitably all be her fault.

See, when I bought the game I warned her.

"It might swallow my soul," I said.

"Fine," she replied, looking at something else.

"You may never see me again."


She should have listened.

The problem, of course, lies in how much time I have to finish - and how unlikely that's beginning to look. I signed up for half a year, 26 weeks. Thanks to a game mechanic that makes resting your character mandatory after each level, it takes me just under a week to move up one level. And the top level is 60. Do the math.

So, if I won't be able to finish it - and serious, how am I going to be able to ignore the army of other games coming out? - why do I keep playing it? Cause it's GOOD! It's GOOD! It's chocolate and marshallowy (cough) delicious GOOD!

And Vicky would see this if she played, too. No doubt about it. She would have a great time and would be able to spend time with me… via my Paladin or Druid or Priest…


Vicky said...

But Schmookie...who would take care of you and me and the pets if I spent all my time playing WoW with you?

Ken said...

Tim - time for Plan B - you move in and take care of us while we play video games!

... that was Plan B, right?