Friday, November 07, 2003

3.7 begins...

As I've probably mentioned, I'm working on a new project called "Ken 3.7". It's part of my Christmas present package presentation present... package.

With only two weeks ahead of me before these need to be done - hey, I'll be going to Oregon on the 22nd! - last night, I began recording.

... Okay... weird.

It was weird because it was something I should have been able to do. I mean, I'm an actor... right? And I'm a writer. So, reading my own writing should be a breeze... right? I started on a short bit about fast food. One page. Over and over, I read it to get it right. I had to rewrite a little of the clunkier parts (I'd written this years ago, after all) to help me wrap my mouth around the words. (I am infamous for writing things that sound good... if only people could say it.) Then, when I started recording it was: false start, false start, false start.

Two hours later, I was finished with the first recording. (This was before putting in effects, overdubs - oh, this is going to be a bitch if all goes as planned... but a beautiful bitch.) The end result was two minutes long.

Two hours for two minutes.

I'm in for a lot of pain.

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