Monday, November 17, 2003

Too much to write...

A lot happened this weekend. Normally, I don't have to worry about that and can tell you about my life in every last, disgusting detail.

Not so today.

Some highlights:
1) I got chains for my tires. It looks like I'll need them, driving over the pass from CA to OR. (This wouldn't happen if Tim and Autumn simply had the decency to bring Milwaukie, Oregon down to Orange County!)
2) Tim came to visit and we had the great, philosophical discussion about being awake (as opposed to living in a dreamworld or sleepwalking) and all its connotations. We also discussed the taking of communion. Is that just a ritual in Christian churches or is it something we do every day in all of our relationships? I could write you a book on the subject... if you'd pay me.
3) More work on the disks. Oh, you're gonna be surprised. By the way, if you want a copy of the 2003 Christmas CD package, email me.

Meanwhile, I've got five days left before I go. I still haven't finished the CDs so I'm going to forego the gym this week and work, work, work. (Autumn may get violent if I don't have them on arrival.)

This weekend, I also bought an incredibly old (about two years) video game: Wizardry 8. I've always loved the Wizardry series, great RPGs, and after seeing it in the stores for so long, my resistance broke down - and I bought it. ... And with everything I have to do and the trip I'm going on, I probably won't play it until December. (I am such a fucking idiot.)

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