Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Okay, this week sucks...

As a prologue, I went to the grocery store last night to get some laundry quarters. The checker said to me, "We don't sell quarters any more." "What," I replied. "We can't because of the strike." I said, "You mean that, because there's a strike, you're not allowed to sell people quarters?" "Yes," she said. "Are you afraid of people throwing them at the strikers?!" Though I was able to get some from the Del Taco next store (only two bucks worth), I had a feeling this began a trend.

So, last night, I worked very hard on the final disk, Ken 3.7. I figured that, if I could get half done last night, I could do the other half tonight and make a completed disk Wednesday. Then, I could review it and make any corrections by Thursday and be done in time to pack on Friday. Unfortunately, I forgot I have rehearsal on Wednesday and Thursday. So, I must work faster! (Mind you, I was up until 1:30am working on this last night...)

Woke up this morning feeling sick - like most people where I work. Great, I thought. Nobody at my job with share a smile but they will share a germ. Now, I'd better get better before I go.

And lastly, the pass ('tween California et Oregon) just gets colder and colder. Now, it looks like it will be a balmy 19 degrees when I head up. Oh... fun!

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