Monday, November 10, 2003

How was your weekend?

Busy. Busy. Busy. Oy, what a weekend!

Friday night, I hit the gym - hard! I did a massive workout in anticipation for helping Sean move Saturday morning. It's nice to know that I'm in good enough shape now to do that... if only it wasn't quite so round!

Saturday morning, I woke up early (groan) and drove to Sean's (sob) to help him move (nnnggggghhh!). He and a couple other people were already moving at full-tilt, though he'd only rented the moving truck an hour before. I dived right in to help them and, for as long as we were moving things, felt fine. After we were done, at around 2pm, and we were sitting around their new house, a very spacious mobil-home, things started to bug me. There, for instance, was a big picture of Sean et Megan's wedding party. Rosa was there. When no one was looking, I turned the picture around. And there were so many memories of when Rosa and I moved into our house. And I missed her so much! Within about a half and hour, I had to leave - between my heart breaking (it's rather good at it now) and wanting, and having, a cigarette - or I'd either smoke more or start crying or both.

Besides, I knew I had things waiting for me at home... or thing, rather. My plan was to do the recording for "Ken 3.7" Saturday or, at least, the majority of the recording. Ten hours later, yep at 1:00am, I finished - and I wasn't even finished! I still have to record the intro and the last bit. Oy!

I turned off my alarm and went to bed, allowing myself the luxury of sleeping in! I knew I wouldn't have to be awake until 10:00am anyway, to go to the movies with Keith.

At 9:30am, Keith called. "You know it's not ten, yet, right," I said to him when I answered the phone - after I ran around my apartment, searching for the phone. (Why don't I just let the machine get it?!) Oh, he knew. He just wanted to make sure we were still on for ten. (grrrrr!)

We went to the noon showing of Matrix:Revolutions. Matrix: Revolting is more like it! I couldn't believe how unbelievably bad this movie was. It was filled with characters I didn't care about, doing things of little or no consequence, to an end I could barely stay awake for! How this mighty franchise has fallen! I won't give you any details, in case you're determined to test your endurance, but I will say that, for my money, Link evoked the most empathy and there was only one small surprise in the entire film. Aside from that - tedium. It was depressing. Thank god I saw it for free!

After the movies, Keith and I were supposed to get together with my mom at 3:00pm, to watch a tape of "Play it Again". (Sadly.) At 2:30pm, my mom called Keith's cell-phone to make sure we were still on for three. MY GOD! My family is so anal! Well, Keith had to bail before the show - smart guy - but my mom and I watched it..... BORING!

I was a popular guy that night, my phone ringing off the hook... sadly, not with Rosa. Dwight, who'd been talking to me about the heart-ache he'd been going through from the loss of his girlfriend, called to tell me about his prolific dating. (Cause I needed to feel more pathetic.) Tim, from San Diego, called so I could listen to him smoke a cigarette. (Not only are there no women in my life but, also, no cigarettes for mourning!) He mentioned he might be in town next weekend.


Anyway, that was it. My weekend. I woke up early this morning and took a half-mile jog. Still 225 pounds - but working on it.

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