Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Dating - Schmating! I want to fall in love!...

Last night, Karrie and I met for dinner. We met at a restaurant in Tustin called Rutabagorz (er, Rutabagoraz? Hell, something like that!), which if you haven't been to you should go already! It's healthy food that's good for you, you little bastard!


Hold on.


I started typing Jewish. Another few words and it would have been in Yiddish, you should be so lucky. Oy gevalt!




Okay, the problem should be fixed now.

Where was I?

Right. Dinner.

I hadn't seen her in a week and a half so had asked her if she was free for dinner. She was.

And, so we met.

At 6pm, I parked across the street and saw Karrie sitting outside, waiting for me. I met her at the table and gave her a quick kiss.

And she gave me a box of Sees candies. Candy? "Well, it was Easter," she said. And I brought her nothing. Good thing I was paying for dinner!

The waiter came out about four times before we started looking at the menus. We were just so busy talking to easy other! Eventually, we ordered (salads for both). I ordered coffee, which was a terrible idea as the three cups kept me up all night long!

The idea was that it would be an early dinner and we'd be done relatively quickly so we could get to the things we had to do.

At 9pm, we left!

I walked her to her car. We kissed twice and she was gone. And I was left thinking how those kisses were ... I don't know. Hollow? Empty? They held no promise, no thrill.

I want someone whose kisses ignite me. Passion people! I want passion!

Meanwhile, Karrie and I may be seeing each other again this week.

What the hell am I doing???

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