Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Stupid people at Vons...

So, I went to pick up a few groceries last night. During the strike, I started going to Stater Bros (who took care of their employees) and have gone there since but, for some reason, last night I hit Vons.

Big mistake.

I pick up a few things - cans of soup, apples, juice - and bring them to the register. I give the checker my groceries and my grocery bag. Yes. Grocery bag. You know, the kind you reuse. The kind that prevents a little waste. It's a bag you put groceries in.

I say this repeatedly because the guy at Vons didn't seem to get it.

"Paper or plastic," he asked.

"No, thanks," I replied. "I've got my bag." So, as the checker performed his complex calculations - passing food over a window - the bagger bagged.

I payed for my food when the checker was done and turned to the bagger - who had put all my groceries in a plastic bag. I couldn't comment; the bagger was walking away.

But where was my bag - my reusable bag - my enviornmentally friendly waste-preventing bag????

It sat next to my groceries, inside a plastic bag - all by itself.

I passed him as I exited, shaking my head at the hopelessness of humanity. His badge read, "Manager".

Of course.

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