Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Meeebilie Deeebilie Dee...

Here's something you haven't heard in a while.... random babbling...

... at least, not since yesterday.

I stopped by a tobacconist last night and picked up a pack of Nat Sherman Phantoms. Those of you who can't appreciate all things tobacco-ny can skip to the next paragraph. (I'm not saying I won't mention smokes; I'm just saying.) For those of you who can appreciate the tobacconistic lifestyle, let me warn you: these things were made in HELL! I swear! I don't think I've ever had a more antagonistic cigarette. You light it up and a voice says (I think they design the layout of the cig so airflow produces the sound), "And now your soul is mine! My minions will feast upon it... with pudding!" (Which affirms my belief that, if there is a devil, he'd eat pudding.)

(If there was a god? Duh! Angel food cake!)

Anyway, I'm just saying these smokes are strong. The upside to this is I'll smoke less... you know, until I buy something else.

So, I stepped outside to have one last night at around 11:30pm because I had been sitting at my desk when I suddenly got the gut feeling that everything was wrong. Wrong. Wrong! Wrong!!

Hey, I don't need a candy-gram to know when a panic-attack is coming on.

But I got to sleep about an hour later and slept pretty well. So, it's not all that bad.

Oh, and I haven't heard anything about that other play. So, it looks like I'm in the clear! Good thing, too. Interest rates have started to climb again and I need to catch them while they're low enough if I want to buy a house. Houses in the LA area (which I'm taking to include Orange County) rose 29% in March alone! Waiting doesn't sound like a great idea. And when I'm talking about houses, I'm not talking about those buildings families live in - like the kind I had with Rosa. No, I couldn't dream of affording that. I'm talking about condos... little ones. One bedroom condos in Orange County go for $225,000-$400,000! This is completely insane, lending credence to the opinion held by the rest of the world that we who live here must be. I'm not arguing!

Just as I was waking up this morning, my nose had a talk with me. It said, "Look, pal. I know we've been getting along lately and all, but I've decided to hate you. Prepare yourself!" And then it launched into this evil Orson-Wellesian kind of laugh. My nose is such a dick.

Today, I'll be meeting with Annie. She's drafted a letter to help me close out my personal injury claim, which came about after last year's whiplash. It's good to know a lawyer, I'll tell you that. Mind you, she can only get me a couple grand but I've learned from this whole experience. When I got whiplash, I only got as much medical care as I needed. Next time, I abuse the system! Take 'em for all I can!!!! Otherwise, can I honestly call myself an American?

We'll be going to Panera Bread in Irvine. With all the talk of love lately (in My Side), I guess I should confess that I totally in love with this place. The bread is TO DIE FOR - apologies to those of you on Atkins (crazy people) - and they have the BEST tomato bisque..... yummmmmm.... Is it lunch time, yet?

So, I guess it's time to wrap up so I can get a napkin and clean off this drool....

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