Thursday, August 19, 2004

Every little bit...

From the very first My Side Vicky read, I was expecting to offend her. But through dreams and drunken ramblings, I seemed to be walking a golden path.

This ended today, with what Vicky called the one about snot. (Paraphrasing.)

I figured I'd better get something else out there, lest she stop reading my words, thinking they're all about snot, snot, snot. (Is too! Is too! Is too!)

... I figured it should be something good.

So, here you go. I came across this great poem the other day, this wonderful creed for all optimists, even the most skeptical of us. Remember it for the next time someone laughs at you when you pick up trash, drive an economy car, or try to behave decently, for when they claim your actions of faith are pointless.

Do not take lightly small, good deeds,
Believing they can hardly help.
For drops of water, one by one,
In time can fill a giant pot.

- Patrul Rinpoche

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