Thursday, August 19, 2004

Snot. (Is too!)

Okay. So, there haven't been a whole lot of My Sides this week, not a whole lot of MySiding going on... as it were... though it wasn't...

Where was I?

Oh, right. I've been sick.

I've been ill.

I've been in the very lucrative, though poorly paid, "Snot Production and Distribution Industry". And, folks, let me tell you, I've been BUSY!

This is not to say that I haven't had some very "Ken-like" things going on, things happening in a very "Ken-ish" fashion, a whole lot of "Ken-ian" occurrences... oh, on the contrary!

Monday was the auditions for "Laura" at the Huntington Beach Playhouse. I'd originally become interested in this play because Terri, my director from "Something to Hide", was going to direct. In addition, the part she had me in mind for was the good guy! What a great opportunity to work with Terri again and play the good guy for once in my miserable life!

Then, Terri dropped out and was replaced by one of our local playwrights, i.e.. the competition. Did I want to audition for one of my fellow playwrights, someone who, in all likelihood, knew I was far more talented than she'd ever be on this little sandlot we call a planet?

Of course, I did!

Then, as you know, I got sick.

But would I let that stop me from auditioning? Would I let that steal a chance of finally playing the good guy on stage? Of finally breaking this 38 year trend of playing bad guys and comic relief? Of finally breaking decades of typecasting? I nearly did. I spend Monday in bed with a fever and a hyperactive set of sinuses. (I nearly wrote "snot gland" but figured I'd have a hard time getting you to believe that, while most people don't have one, I have the most active snot glad in creation.) But, with auditions starting at 7pm, I headed out at 6:45 with my headshot in hand (and kleenexes in pocket). As much as I like to downplay my love of the craft, this is real dedication. To go to an audition sick, to act the part of a non-sick person who isn't you - that's dedication to your craft!

We'll take a jump-cut at this point and I'll let you know I sucked. I sucked hard. I sucked strong. I inhaled DEEPLY! I'm totally comfortable with the fact that I sucked because, honestly, when you're sweating from a fever and you can't hear yourself talk and you're coughing up gobs of (see the heading), you're just gonna suck. There's no way around it. But I'm glad I did it anyway.

Life is very often just about stepping up to the plate. You don't always have to hit it out of the park.

As I walked out, I noticed that my shirt was soaked through.

I'm on the mend, back at work.

One more thing. Vicky has been great to me through this. I've been kind of "hands-off", wanted to take care of myself, but she's called me often to show she cares and loves me. She's great. I love her very much. And now that I'm starting to feel better, I can show her.

But first, I have to go blow my nose.

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