Monday, August 23, 2004

Semantic absurdity...

When we talk about "semantics", we're talking about how something is said, the words a person uses to convey an idea.

That said, today I witnessed the most semantically absurd statements of my life.

There's this article on IMDB about Trey Parker and Matt Stone's new movie, Team America: World Police. The article goes on to say that the movie "features graphic scenes of puppets having sex".

RED FLAG! RED FLAG! Follow me on this, folks. Puppets CAN NOT HAVE SEX! It is physically impossible. Puppets do not have sexual organs. Puppets cannot procreate like human beings, or any mammal for that matter. PUPPETS CANNOT HAVE SEX.

Puppets can APPEAR as though they're having sex. Puppets can SIMULATE sex. But puppets CAN NOT HAVE SEX!

But the article does not end there. Oh no. Then, it states that as a result the movie has been given an "adult rating". I suppose we can infer that graphic puppet sex is immoral and puppets should just stop such goings on!

Did aliens come and take everybody's brain and not tell me about it???

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