Thursday, August 05, 2004

Let's EAT!

Vicky and I have this conversation every few days. It usually goes about the same:

Vicky. Do you want dinner?
Ken. Eh, I don't know. What are you in the mood for?
Vicky. I don't know.
Ken. Eh.
Vicky. I don't want to cook.
Ken. Chinese food?

Yeah, we've eaten our share of Chinese food. Last night, rather than go the Chinese food route, we decided to try something different.

AND THE WHOLE WORLD CHANGED!!!! ... okay, maybe not the whole world... maybe just a few blocks and a stop light.

We decided to try out Lee's Sandwiches, a new sammach shop just a few blocks away from Vicky's place. (The corner of Brookhurst and Westminster for those of you in Orange County.) Lee's Sandwiches, always open and always packed... kind of like the sammach shop version of Krispy Kreme...

Now, I know what you're thinking. (Tim, stop that!) You're probably thinking that Ken's really run out of ideas if all he has to talk about is food... right? BUT IT'S REALLY GOOD FOOD!!!! Vicky ordered the BBQ'ed pork sammach and I got Lee's Club. (Yes, I know it has beef - shut up!) Then, we got a bag of Delimanjoo cakes and a small box of cocanut cookies. (Can you believe she only let me eat one? What a pain in my increasingly immense ass!)

As we waited for our order, we looked at some of the ethnic foods (yes, many) and talked to a lady from India about where some of the foods came from and how they were made and - wow - it really hit me how Vicky and I are a couple and how nice that feels and how lucky I am to be with her... and then we got our sammaches - they was freakin' great!

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