Monday, August 02, 2004

Ken La Salle is a very funny guy. Right!

Sitting back at lunch today, I thought about how one of the things I really love about Vicky is that she gets my sense of humor. She doesn't laugh at my jokes, mind you. In fact, this is important to note: Vicky NEVER laughs at my jokes! But she gets my sense of humor.

She reads this little Blog and she likes hearing my take on things and it might just be her reading it but it's so nice that she's so cool with it. A lifetime ago, Rosa would have flipped her twig (whatever that is) at the thought of me merely mentioning her in a public forum. If I'd so much as said "Row. Row. Row your boat," it would have been too close to her name and how dare I compare her to the size of a boat!

Vicky's cool. She trusts that I love her and that I like her and, here's a big one, she likes me.

I'm a pretty happy guy these days... beware!

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