Monday, August 02, 2004

Why I hate my job. (Another in a continuing series...)

I may have mentioned in the past that I've been removed from any serious marketing writing - removed, I should say, when it's not a complete emergency...

Thursday, I was asked to rescue our "marketing team" because they couldn't think of a slogan for an ad campaign and needed me to come up with one in two hours. They were almost smirking, thinking they'd sure take me down a peg for who but a GOD could write a slogan in two hours???

The slogan was for a campaign that provided $90 cash back after three months.

Hmmm.... $90 in 90 days, perhaps?

As stupified as they were, did they put me in a position to write marketing material full time? Of course, not. The moron they have in place is the boss's best friend.

How much of a moron is he? Today, I saw some text he'd generated - FILLED WITH INCOMPLETE SENTENCES!!! I said, "They stop you in the THIRD GRADE if they catch you doing that!!!"

Say it with me: I HATE MY JOB!!!

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