Thursday, September 30, 2004

Another piece of the new play...

So, I wrote this at lunch today. Something about not pronouncing the j's and the n's gets me giggling...

Dan. ... for him to say, "Yo, Dan Blimapivich, come on up!"

John. I'm sorry. What did you say your last name was?

Dan. Blimapivich, but you don't pronounce the j's or n's.

John. I didn't hear any j's or n's.

Dan. That's cause you don't pronounce them.

John. What would it be if you pronounced them?

Dan. Blijmanpnivjinch.

John. That's not a name. That's an epileptic seizure!

Dan. I know. That's why my family changed it when they came to America.

John. They changed it to Blimapivich?

Dan. Yeah, to make it easier.

John. They couldn't have chosen Smith?

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Fred Mertz said...

I get it, now can I get ride of it???