Friday, September 24, 2004

It's the "VICKY'S SWEATY HAT" Blog-a-thon!!!...

So, I've got this roll of paper towels... and Vicky's baseball cap...

And I found it amazing that Vicky's hat fit over the roll of paper towels.

"Take that off of there!" Vicky shouted, grabbing her hat. "Nobody wants my sweaty hat on the paper towels!"

"Sure they do." I replied. "Everyone wants your sweaty hat on their paper towels."

Alas, she assured me they did not.

Well, now's your chance to prove her wrong! Write to me (at that link that says to write to me) and share the love! Tell me (and yes, Vicky, too) about how much you love her sweaty hat. She has the more adorable sweat in the known universe and it smells good, too. Share your Vicky's Sweaty Hat stories. Write a poem about Vicky's Sweaty Hat. Yes, you can even stalk her sweaty hat.

Come on.



(The "Vicky's Sweaty Hat" Blog-a-thon is a division of Ken-co, a solely-owned subsidiary of The My Side Foundation. My Side, providing strange shit since 1983...)


Vicky said...

Now please understand…this is the baseball cap (Jeff Gordon #24…GO JEFF!) I bought at the Sept. 5th NASCAR race in Fontana, CA. I wore this hat in the heat of the afternoon, sweating with thousands of other NASCAR fans. Trust me…this is not a hat that you would want near your paper towels, let alone actually TOUCHING them! Ken, baby, you’re sick! Love you!!

reporter66 said...

Vicky's head is nowhere near the size of a paper towel roll!
However, the sentiment of wearing it may be the size of Texas!