Friday, September 03, 2004

T minus 8...

... actually, it may be sooner than that. It looks like Vicky and I may start moving on Monday. Monday! Hey, that's only a few days away! And I won't even be here a third of the time!

... wait. Let me start again.

Vicky and I were sitting outside yesterday, enjoying what was the last of the last of the definitely last of the seriously now this is the last of the I mean it this time last clove cigarettes, and talking about the new place... and all we had left to do.

Tonight, Vicky and I go into full packing mode, cramming our lives into little boxes. I have to say I'm probably a bit farther along than she is but, then, she has a lot more shit than I do! Oh, it's good shit; don't get me wrong. And there's lots of it! I'm hoping to finally complete my living room tonight and move on to the kitchen. That is, at least, my hope. I'll be going home for lunch to work on this but I'll also be burning cds.

I finished Part One of A Short History of Nearly Everything (of which there are three), and absolutely LOVED it. The narrator (reader, if you will) is Richard Matthews, a Brit whose voice is very similar in dynamic to Roger Rees, an actor who any viewer of The West Wing will recognize as the entertaining Lord John Marbury. It's a voice that could read you the phone book and leave you wondering what comes after "Z". And so, I've progressed through different stories about cosmological theory, chemistry, anthropology, physics, geology.... causing most people to think of my definition of "entertainment" as unique... at best. Part One complete, I decided it was time for some mental junk food. But you know me, even the junk food has to be good. And so, I've been listening to (until lunch comes around and I can burn Part Two onto five cds) a new band, called Keane. (Check them out. You'll like them.)

Tomorrow, we continue our search for the perfect wedding site... or the one that comes close.
I'll keep you posted.

I'll be heading down to San Diego to see Tim tomorrow night, ready for a fire. I'll have the official "Ken & Rosa's Place" board and the Rosa shirt (you'll have to ask me why) ready to throw into a bon fire. A little catharsis can go a long way.

... A little catharsis and a lot of vodka... well, not too much vodka...

Vicky won't see me Sunday until the evening, which is fine for her because she'll be hitting the NASCAR race out in Fontana, at the California Speedway. (Don't hit on too many guys, honey. Don't drink too much. And don't touch any of the immolated drivers.)

Then, Monday, we start to move. It's so weird, moving in with someone. Let's face it, I haven't done this in about 18 years... (I hope I do it right...)

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