Friday, September 10, 2004

Just incredibly good eats...

Those of you who know me (and, why don't you? You're reading this!) know that I have this relationship with food. Basically, I love food the way Republicans love seeing brown people killed.

Way back in a different life, I started watching a little show called "Good Eats", hosted by a rather unique guy named Alton Brown. Alton Brown is funny, pithy... weird... I like him.

And then, today, I found his website, which I think you really need to check out.

He has this "rants & raves" section... kind of like any given My Side. Today, he wrote:

I have decided to move from the planet. I’m sorry but I simply cannot remain on a world where Paris Hilton is allowed to publish “memoirs”. The real clincher is that people will buy it, and read it…and think it wonderful and insightful and that “That poor girl just can’t find…whatever.”

I can only hope that the beams will cross and she’ll end up on Dr. Phil so that my vision of hell can become complete. Actually, for that to happen John Tesh would have to be the musical guest.

Yep. I'm a fan.

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