Thursday, September 09, 2004

T minus 2...

Okay... moving day is coming and it's coming fast.

Vicky and I started moving my comic books last night. I hate whoever got me into those blasted things! But we both agree we can use them as tax write-offs (claiming the full value rather than the 1/10% value most stores give) so we'll hold on to them.

We're both so stressed out. I've been breaking out in pimples. Vicky's been smoking. (Okay, my fault. I let her have a vanilla clove...) I'll just be glad when this is DONE!

Yes, and it's also affected My Side. But we'll get to some really good ones after the move. Just think of it! Entries about Vicky and I getting on each other's nerves! Entries about fights over the remote! Entries about how cute she is in the morning! (If I were you, I'd seriously look into finding another Blog to read...)

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