Thursday, September 30, 2004

Everybody Jumps…

We have a name!

Yes, the new play is called "Everybody Jumps". Can anyone tell me what movie the name is taken from? (It's a line in a movie.)

I've written nearly three pages - yes, I am burning white-hot baby! - and I'm beginning to get a clearer idea of what I'm doing.


So, two guys are on this bridge to commit suicide. They're at the top of the George Washington Bridge. One of the guys is named John. He's a Jewish Accountant, typical neurotic, neat-freak, kind of guy. Dan is the other guy, your basic grown-up kid who thought he'd be a musician but life kind of got away from him.

I've already written this whole part about masturbating off the side of the bridge… yes, it's that kind of play. Figure the depth of Atheists with the irreverence of Everything Changes.

And awayyyyy we go!

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