Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Where Shrub was... and wasn't...

Ever wonder what it looks like when your President - the person who holds the highest office in the land - the one person in whom you place your highest ideals - is a slacker, coward low-life?

Well, then look here! Yep, someone put together a timeline of just what Shrub was doing when Kerry was risking his life for his country.

And, as Bob Harris points out at This Modern World:

Incidentally, as Salon long ago pointed out, the start of Bush's Lost Months -- April 1972 -- coincided with the beginning of random drug testing.

Could just be a coincidence, of course.

Same way that the birth of Dick Cheney's first-born child came exactly nine months and two days after Selective Service decided to draft childless husbands.

Gee, these guys do have remarkable coincidences with remarkable frequency, don't they?

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