Monday, January 03, 2005

Before I tell you about Vegas...

There are two quick things I want to tell you about: video games and interior decorating. (No, I haven't been drinking.)

Recently, I've kind of been possessed by this "classic gaming" bug and, as a result, have been downloading a bunch of abandonware. My favorite site for this has been Home of the Underdogs and, between that and several other sites, I downloaded quite a few dozen PC games dating back from 1984 - 2000, quite a stretch. For the past few days, I've been playing these old games and have come to a few conclusion, which I thought I'd share with you:

1. Games before VGA, Sound Cards, and Mouse controllers SUCK. They SUCK. They really SUCK. Oh my god, how they SUCK!

... this rules out all games before 1990, and most before 1993.

2. We've been spoiled to the point where we no longer need to use our imaginations. I remember these games looking COOL at one point...

3. Most of these just don't run well, if at all.

...and one last one...

4. What a phenomenal waste of time! But, like all great wastes of time it hasn't been without interest. For instance, games really have gotten better. At the same time, looking at one of these is like looking at the car your friend made from a kit. Cool... but you wouldn't want to drive cross-country in it.

Now, with regards to interior decorating, this is about Vicky. Not much to write except that she's absolutely terrific. She went out yesterday and bought an area rug for our livingroom that was, well, let's say it was less that attractive. No, it was ugly. It was plain ugly. But then, we laid it out and, through some magic I can't explain, it added something to the room. Alone, it was ugly. But in the context of our living room it became something worth looking at. (Actually, it's a paradox because I can't bring myself to call it attractive but I will admit it does add something.) Somehow, Vicky saw that at the store. She adds so much to this home and to my life, I can't tell you. She's pretty damn cool.

I'm off work today but, tomorrow, I promise to tell you all about (what I remember from) New Year's!

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