Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I dream in musicals…

There's that age-old question about dreaming in black and white or in color (I guess these days it would be standard or hi-def!), but let me tell you, you haven't dreamed until you've dreamed a musical.

It was just another dream, a dream like any other, dealing with the daily tedium of my dream life. "Yes. Yes, I know. Choose the red one. No, you can't put that there. I'd say you definitely can't." Things were progressing and I said, "Look, I can't talk right now. I've got to go to work."
Suddenly, the light came down around my face - a tight spot, if you will - a guitar strummed and I sang:

Darling, I know you wait for me each day
And in my heart, you know that's where you'll stay
And I pray for you darling, each day I pray
You know I do

Then, the music started, 50's do-wap music, with singers in the back singing "Oooh" and, of course, "Do-wap".

Oh, why must I be a space captain in love
Sailing on moonbeams, the stars are all up above
Still my heart's aching over the one I'm thinking of
Over you

Now, the spot widens. I've got the pompadour and the purple, 1950's sci-fi jumpsuit, and I'm a lot thinner… so it ain't that bad.

Oh why must I be a space captain
A captain in space who's in love
Oh how could this ever have happened
To the one I can't stop thinking of
(which actually sounded more like "ah-ah-ah-of")

(and now, in falsetto) Oh why must I be a space captain in love
I cannot breath my heart's clasped in a glove
Sailing on moonbeams, dreaming of
(again, more like dre-e-eming)
Only you

Sailing on moonbeams

Oh why must I be a space captain in love

And this is where things got weird. (Big surprise, I know.) I looked out and noticed the band was gone and the audience was leaving…. And I couldn't remember the words…

Floating on something shobeeve dee - dee - dee - love

And it went on from there for a short time until I woke up.

I woke up feeling pretty chipper - considering it was 5am! I took a brisk walk, came back, and took a shower, singing, "Why must I be a space captain in love."

Trust me. You've got to try dreaming a musical sometime. There's nothing like it.

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