Thursday, January 27, 2005

Bustin' Buster's Dikes...

Education Secretary Margaret Spellings had harsh words for an animated rabbit named Buster. Many kids know of Buster thanks to his show on PBS and, on a show that may no longer be aired, Buster took some time out to visit with some special friends.

Some rather special friends.

Some carpet-munching friends.

According to Spellings, "many parents would not want their young children exposed to the life-styles portrayed in this episode."

Now, here's where I take offense. Because, as it is well known by anyone who has watched any porn or explicit strip shows, lesbians are HOT! Who wouldn't want to see some hot girl-on-girl action? I mean, honestly!

... oh, wait...

There could be two explanations for this. Let's examine them.... shall we?

1) Of course, lesbians are hot. And there they are, all hot and on the screen Maggie's probably getting all worked up and titillated, watching children's programming. Sure, she wants some! Who wouldn't!

I understand fully.

2) This episode of Buster's did take place on a cheese farm in Vermont. I'm guessing lesbian Vermont - onian - esque cheese farmers aren't as hot as, say, your run of the mill strippers or porn stars. And that's probably what Maggie goes for, so...

Somebody get this bitch laid!

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