Wednesday, January 12, 2005

There goes our excuse...

Ever wonder whatever happened to those weapons of mass destruction? Remember those? The whole reason we went to war with Iraq. The myth that has turned that part of the world into a little slice of hell - something we're very good at, by the way.

Well, not only have we not found any but, now we're not even going to pretend to look any more.

And that's not the most amazing thing! If you read this article on Yahoo, you'll find the most amazing thing is the headline: "Search for Banned Arms Ended Last Month". Last month? You're telling us a month late?!

Also, I've got some serious issues with calling them "banned arms". We're not talking about illegal handguns here. These were supposed to be biological, chemical, and nuclear arms that were supposed to be a threat to our nation! Banned Arms? Whoever wrote this needs to be hit over the head with a stinking sack of reality!

More still, though, we've lost any reason for being there - unless, of course, you fall for the "we have to stabilize the region" lie. You know, cause we're doing such a good job at that!

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