Tuesday, January 11, 2005

A couple things to remember about Social Security…

(Burning) Bush sure is promoting this new "Social Security" plan of his, isn't he?

Ever wonder why?

Well, it's because we have the largest debt in the nation's history, that's why! We can't afford it! That's why!

Let's forget about the enormous surplus that existed before (Burning) Bush stole office in 2000. Let's forget about that.

But here are a couple things you should keep in mind should his plan pass…

You know, other than the fact that the present system worked just fine.

First off, it would put the federal government in a terrible financial situation. You think you've seen the dollar drop over the past few months? That would be nothing.

Second, and more importantly to you, it wouldn't be Social Security. It would be an investment plan. You'd be investing your money into Wall Street - giving it to rich people and hoping they give some of it back. Remember what people used to tell you about stocks and bonds? That they are a GAMBLE?

Basically, this new system would FUCK US UP.

Keep that in mind.

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